The Tub Guy

Refinishing for Tubs, Tile, Bathrooms, Cabinets & Countertops


The Process

A single bathtub takes 2 - 3 hours. Tub and surrounding tile takes 3 - 4 hours. All jobs need 24 hours to cure before use.

Here’s the steps taken to refinish a bathtub:

Scrape down tub for loose impediments *

Clean out loose caulk around tub as needed

Sand down surface to get rid of any soap scum

Acid wash the surface to etch and ensure a good bond

Repair any chips or rust spots

Wipe tub clean with acetone

* If the tub has been refinished before and the previous finish has failed it will need to be fully stripped off and there is an additional charge for this. In many cases the previous finish is fine and can be sanded (this is called a “mechanical strip”) and sprayed over. This is a judgement call on a case by case basis.

Mask off for spraying:

Masking paper around tub
Drop cloths over fixtures and floor
Plastic Barrier in doorway

Surface Finishing

Spray with 2 coats of primer

Spray with final surface, 2 to 3 coats. This coating is a 2 part epoxy, urethane based material

Re-caulk as needed


3 years residential and 1 year commercial

The Warranty covers materials and labor provided there is proper care of refinished surfaces. (i.e. – no abrasives used for cleaning and there is at least a 24 hour cure period after the finish is applied). Residential is a single family owner occupied unit.