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Why People Hire Us …

Nick refinished his tub using a “do it yourself” kit from a local store. (Typically these DIY kits take a homeowner all weekend to put on and then begin peeling off within 2 to 3 weeks). His wife wanted the tub professionally done as the old surface would stick to her feet when she would try to take a shower.

David bought a new shower but it wasn’t properly supported and the floor cracked. He called
several contractors but all said they didn’t know if they couldn’t fix it and wouldn’t guarantee their work. We fixed the shower floor by properly supporting and re-enforcing the cracked areas then putting in an inlay to cover the entire floor. The inlay looks like part of the unit and you can’t even tell where it has been repaired. Cost – less than $450.00.

Rob owns a house that hadn’t been rented for 3 months and finally found a suitable tenant that wanted to move in right away but the tub and tile surround needed to be refinished. The contractor that refinished it before did a poor job and the old surface was literally falling off.

Cristine’s husband just got transferred to another state and they had to put their house on the market right away. One of her tubs had a large golf ball sized chip and the other a rust spot. She had planned to replace the tubs but since they were moving didn’t want the bother. We re-did her two tubs in less than 5 hours and she was amazed she couldn’t tell where the large chip had been that we had repaired.

Martin wanted to rent out his beach condo but thought he would have to paint the kitchen cabinets because the kitchen looked so dingy. We refinished his kitchen counter and this brightened up the room so much he didn’t need to paint the cabinets after all.

Tom just bought a condo and was coming from out of state to stay for a few weeks but the bathtub was in bad shape with a huge rust spot. He mailed the key to us and we fixed the rust spot and refinished the tub in time for his visit.

Nancy was fixing up her house for a big party (and her granddaughter’s birthday party) but was on a tight budget. We reglazed two bathrooms within her budget and in time for her party. Our next closest competitor’s price was twice what ours

Laura had a multi-unit rental property that had fiberglass tub/shower units. One of the units had a crack in the floor where it hadn’t been supported properly. Another contractor tried to support the floor but just ended up making the crack bigger. Replacing the unit would have cost thousands and the bathroom was tiny so getting the old unit out a new one in would have required a miracle. Fixed in two visits of about 30 minutes each for less than $350.00.

Martha had a condo on the beach and as summer was ending she needed to get it rented out but the tubs were very dingy. Her manager found a tenant for her that wanted to move in within a few days. We refinished the two tubs in less than 5 hours.

Ernie is the maintenance manager at a local hotel and needed to get a tub repaired in time for a convention so the room could be rented but couldn’t find anyone to do the required fix – except for us!

Jill is on a fixed budget and had just repainted her bathroom but now her blue bathtub stood out more than ever. We refinished it in white and came back the next day at no charge to put her shower door together.

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