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Step In Tubs – Bathtub Conversions

Where do most accidents and injuries occur in the home?  The Bathroom. 
What are the most hazardous activities? Getting in and out of the tub or shower.
Don’t risk your health and safety because of clumsy bathroom fixtures. We can convert your tub for easier and safer access.


Tearing out your tub to put in a shower is expensive ($2,500 to $8,000), messy and can take as long as 3 or 4 weeks. Converting your tub takes only a few hours, costs thousands less than replacing the tub and can be used the next day.


Bathtub before conversion
Bathtub with step in conversion


This is a renovation on your existing bathtub – the tub does not have to be removed. No plumbing  or tile work is needed. The cost is a fraction of putting in a new tub or shower.


A cast iron tub before it is cut out b4 Cast iron tub after the opening is cut out cut Completed bathtub conversion with step in insert and tub refinishing af
A cast iron tub before it is cut out. The tub after the opening is cut out. The completed tub with insert. The tub has been refinished also.


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