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Tub & Shower Bottom Repairs


Tub and shower bottoms can be restored and repaired with an inlay installed in about an hour.
They are computer designed and custom fit to each unit.They provide strength and wear that is superior to the original surface and have a safe anti-slip texture. They are for the replacement of worn or damaged bathtub or shower bottoms.

Water not draining – Stains – Rust spots

Puddles left in a tub or shower after use are a problem. This is caused by cheap, poorly designed tubs or fixtures that have not been properly supported.

In porcelain fixtures the water will eat through the surface damaging and staining the unit and will eventually rust out. Fiberglass units will become weakened, spongy and saggy.

Puddles left in the tub or shower can lead to rust problems tub rust 3
Tub Bottom Repair



  Tub bottom repair where areas are filled in so tub drains properly ambro 3 Tub inlay placed to complete the bathtub refinishing ambro1


Tub bottom damaged by water pools ambro 2
This tub has several areas where 
water is pooling and eating into 
the surface and leaving stains.
The areas where the water is pooling are filled in so the tub drains properly. An inlay is then placed and the entire tub is refinished.
Fiberglass Shower & Tub


Damaged bottom of fiberglass shower shower crack Supported shower cracks before repair crack repair Fiberglass shower inlay placed for further support shower with inlay
This is the floor of a fiberglass shower that was not properly supported and it cracked. This is a common problem in fiberglass fixtures. The floor is properly supported
and the cracks repaired.
An Inlay, which looks like part of the shower, is then used to cover and further support the floor.
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